3 Space Saving Ideas For Your Medical Practice

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Space Saving Ideas For Your Medical Practice

For many medical practices, generally space is at a premium.  While you may feel that your space is small, that doesn’t mean that your patients need to feel confined or cramped.  By incorporating a few clever space saving solutions, you can make a smaller medical practice work effectively and efficiently for you – and your patients.

Space spacing solution for this medical practice office and kitchen

Multi-purpose Rooms

Dual-use rooms can be used for multiple functions, ensuring you make the most of your space.  Many medical centres incorporate their sterilisation areas into their treatment rooms, utilising otherwise empty bench space.  Another option is to co-locate your staff refreshment area within an office space that is not in constant use. 

If you aren’t using all your consult rooms you may want to consider inviting visiting medical professionals such as psychologists or dieticians to use your consulting rooms on a part-time basis so they are in constant use.

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is a very simple way to save space, and there are many opportunities to incorporate it into your medical practice areas.  In your waiting area, bench seats with hinged tops or pull-out drawers can provide handy under-seat storage. 

Space saving drawers in this medical practice waiting area

Concealed doors in your reception area can offer another storage opportunity.  A magazine table with hidden drawers is another option. 

Smart Shelving

It may seem obvious, but a space-saving solution is floor to ceiling shelving in your medical practice.  All too often, shelves don’t extend as high as they could, wasting valuable storage opportunities.  You may find you can fit a surprisingly large amount into a narrow storage room when you run shelves along both walls and across the back.

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At Elite Fitout Solutions, we love helping medical practice owners develop smart solutions to make the most of their space and functionality. Talk to us today to discuss your next fitout or refurbishment project.

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