Can I Continue to Operate During My Practice Fitout?

Planning a staged project

If you need to extend or renovate your healthcare practice, closing your clinic for a number of weeks – or even months depending on the size of the fitout – is not an option for most. At Elite Fitout Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping your clinic running during an extension or refurbishment. That’s why we stage these fitout projects to ensure your practice can continue to operate and maintain “business as usual”.

What is a Staged Project?

Planning to operate during my practice fitout

A staged project involves the scheduling of your refurbishment or extension over several stages to ensure your practice can remain open during the fitout. Staged projects typically constrain construction works to one area of your clinic for each stage, which keeps any impacts on your business to a minimum and allows you to continue to treat patients throughout the project.

Staged projects require close communication, careful scheduling and meticulous planning to be delivered successfully. The recent refurbishment and modernisation of the Moe Veterinary Centre is just one example of a successful staged project completed by Elite.

Moe Vet Modernisation Project

The Moe Veterinary Centre has serviced the local community for over 70 years. So, when the time came to modernise the clinic, it was essential that the practice continued to operate during the fitout.

The planned project involved almost all rooms within the vet clinic, so the Elite team set about dividing the construction works across three stages to ensure the practice could continue to function.

A detailed project plan was created, isolating each stage of works to a particular area within the clinic. This allowed the Moe Vet team to temporarily relocate activities to other rooms within the building while construction was taking place.

The key focus of Stage 1 was creating new facilities in underutilised areas, which would allow the relocation of clinical activities in preparation for the second stage of the project.Stage 1 works included the addition of a new office, staff room and amenities, plus a complete overhaul of the operating theatre, effectively doubling the space.

Stage 2 centred around extending and reconfiguring the core clinical areas of the vet hospital, including the treatment and preparation areas. During this stage, clinical activities were moved into the areas upgraded during stage 1. Two new consult rooms were also added, and once complete, the existing consult rooms were reconfigured and refurbished.

With works now moving to more public areas, Stage 3 was primarily performed outside of business hours to lessen noise and interruptions. To complete the project, the reception and waiting areas were completely refurbished, with a retail and puppy school area also added. This final stage also included the conversion of old storage space into locum accommodation.

Experience is Key for a Successful Staged Fitout

Fitting out a healthcare practice is very different to an office fitout. When undertaking construction works at a dental, medical, veterinary or radiology clinic, noise, cleanliness, infection control and business continuity are all important factors that need to be considered and managed. That’s why it’s important to choose a fitout company for your extension or refurbishment who is experienced in performing staged projects for healthcare practices.

The Elite team have many years of experience in running staged fitout projects. And we only work in the healthcare sector. We know how to plan, manage and execute fitout projects that allow your practice to continue to operate, with minimal impact to your patients.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist with your practice renovation or extension.

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