Choosing the Right Paint For Your Practice

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Choosing the Right Paint for Your Practice

Paint is a popular wall finish in healthcare practices – and with good reason.  It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to apply, and if you choose the right one, it can also be durable and easy to clean.

Bright orange paint features in this dental practice

So if you’re refurbishing your veterinary, medical, dental, or x-ray practice (or fitting out a new one), here are three key points to consider to help you choose the right paint for your practice’s rooms.

Finishes & durability

Different paint finishes offer different levels of sheen after they’ve been applied to your practice’s walls. While this is obviously a stylistic consideration, there’s actually much more to consider in relation to sheen.  You may be surprised to learn that there’s a strong connection between the level of sheen from your chosen paint’s finish and its degree of durability. Generally speaking, the greater the level of shine or gloss, the more durable and cleaning-resistant your chosen paint will be.

“Matte” or “flat” paints are difficult to clean, which may make them unsuitable for many rooms and high-traffic areas in your practice. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them – it just means you need to carefully consider where they’ll be most appropriate. In contrast, “eggshell”, “satin”, “semi-gloss”, and “high-gloss” paints don’t just offer increasing levels of shine. They are also more resilient when it comes to cleaning.


You can’t research questions about choosing the right paint for you practice without running into discussion about colour and the psychology of colour.  Research has consistently shown that different colours affect people’s mood and feelings in different ways. More tranquil colours, including shades of blue, grey, and green can produce a more comfortable and calming environment. Brighter, bolder hues can raise anxiety if used extensively.

Blue paint was used to complement the natural wood in this medical practice

When choosing paint colours for your practice, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should eschew bright colours entirely, especially if they’re your branding colours. Instead, you can still use them for effect or as highlights, while avoiding using them too liberally.


When it comes to considering paint finishes for your practice, you’ve probably envisioned walls dominated by one colour or another. But have you also considered how paint can be used in your practice to create interesting and eye-catching features?

Painted murals, or even just painted geometric patterns, can be used to create feature walls in your practice. This can be a great strategy for adding a point of interest to your reception area or waiting room. It can also be a way to add to express your brand’s personality or decorate a children’s area in your waiting room.

Colourful mural in medical clinic waiting area

Alternatively, paint can add splashes of a feature colour throughout your practice. A great example of this is our recent fitout for Toowoomba Family Vets. In this fitout we used a kingfisher blue paint to add points of interest throughout the practice.

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