Considering Community in Your Medical Practice Design


Medical centres are often seen as a key part of the local community. So, when starting your own medical practice from the ground up, it is essential to consider the community in which it will be situated from the very start of the design process.

The design of this medical practice has been influenced by the surrounding community

Understanding Your Community

Before you begin thinking about the physical environment of your new medical clinic, you should thoroughly research your local area, including:

  • Demography including age, socioeconomic profile
  • Cultures and subcultures in the community;
  • Residential vs. industrial vs. commercial;
  • Urban vs suburban vs regional; and
  • Other health services in the area.

Once you understand the type of community your new business will be a part of, you can start planning your medical practice environment design to align with the profile of your future patient base. 

Connecting with Your Community Through Design

Knowing more about the people who live and work in your local area helps to make sure your practice reflects the medical needs of your community. This information also helps to inform the design of your practice, by planning the services and amenities that will support the needs of your community. 

Understanding your potential patients can even have an influence on how your practice interior will look by appealing to their personal taste.

The design of this family-focused medical practice meets the needs of the local community

For example, a medical centre located in a family-oriented area may opt for a more homely clinic environment complete with a child-friendly waiting area. A practice in a more urban area with predominately young professional clientele might suit a more edgy, industrial look with concrete surfaces and exposed beams and columns.

Neighbourhood Medical

Elite collaborated closely with Sarah and Nicole – the owners of Neighbourhood Medical – to design and fitout their four-consult room medical practice. Located in the inner-Brisbane suburb of Bardon, the boutique clinic has a special focus on women and children’s health. A perfect fit for the affluent, family-oriented locale.

Neighbourhood Medical centre fitout

Doctors Sarah and Nicole are both local to the area and have a strong understanding and connection to the local community. The vision behind Neighbourhood Medical was to build long-term relationships with patients and their families and provide truly personalised medical care. To help realise this vision, the clinic was designed to feel warm and friendly and create a feeling of belonging and safety.

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