Creating a Dental Practice Design Fit for the Future

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Creating a Dental Practice Fit for the Future

A good dental practice is not just assessed on quality of care – appearance is also key to patient retention. Whether you’re planning a new clinic or want to refurbish an existing space, your dental practice design needs to convey a sense of warmth and a modern aesthetic that will never go out of style.

Creating a Dental Practice Design Fit for the Future

Let’s look at how to design a dental practice fitout that won’t look dated within five years – a practice fit for the future.

Creating a Space to Relax

There’s more competition than ever among dental practices. This is why many practices are shedding the more traditional clinical feel in favour of a softer approach.

Instead of the clean and crisp aesthetic of neon strip lighting, white metal cabinetry, plastic chairs and linoleum floors, modern dental practice design creates spaces that are more like day spas than dental surgeries. Customers are entering a place that makes them feel better.

To achieve this, make your waiting room less clinical and more of a chill-out space. Offer subdued lighting, inviting soft furnishings and a TV tuned to a health channel.

Today's Dentistry large dental practice fitout

For businesspeople taking time off work, include a discrete space with power outlets, phone charging stations and Wi-Fi. After all, if cafes offer these services, shouldn’t they be available in a modern dental practice waiting room? Keeping up with patients’ technological needs keeps your practice future-fit.

Cohesive Dental Practice Design is Key

To stand the test of time, design elements need to be cohesive. The same colours, textures and lines should appear throughout the practice – from reception to the bathroom. A predominantly neutral colour scheme stands the test of time and can be livened up with pops of colour in the reception desk trim and furniture.

Kallangur Dental cohesive dental practice design

This featured colour can be easily changed down the track for a fresh look, while leaving the dominant colour in place. This ‘future-proofs’ the design.

Leaving Room to Grow

Using modular rather than fixed cabinetry is another way to ensure you can expand in the future. Modular cabinets can be easily moved or added, since they are not anchored to the structure of the building.

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