Delivering Great Customer Experience at Your Vet Clinic

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Delivering Great Customer Experience at Your Vet Clinic

Great customer experience is often the difference between a pet owner who visits your vet clinic once, and a pet owner who becomes a loyal, repeat customer.  That’s because a positive experience helps your patients’ human owners to create a positive emotional association with your clinic and the time they spend there.

Delivering Great Customer Experience at Your Vet Clinic

There are many ways to deliver a great customer experience at your vet clinic.  In this blog, we focus on three key areas: facilities, layout, and communication.


Your vet practice should be a place your customers are happy to spend time in. After all, a visit to your vet clinic is the main customer experience owners (and pets) will have.

Delivering Great Customer Experience at Your Vet Clinic

Ideally, your vet clinic should have a friendly, calming environment so customers enjoy a pleasant visit. This can be achieved by choosing calming colours for your décor (e.g. light greens and blues) and a comfortable waiting room.  And if you service an area with lots of young families, it’s worth having a kids’ play zone in your waiting area. 

If you have the space, consider having a dedicated grieving room.  A dedicated room allows  your clients the chance to spend extra time with their pet at the end of their life, without needing to free up the room for your next appointment. 

Grieving room with separate exit

Depending on your layout, providing a separate exit from the grieving room allows even further privacy during this difficult time.  

Keeping your vet clinic tidy will also send a positive message to customers and improve their visit. You want to have a place so everything can always be put in its place. This is easily achieved with a bit of forethought when you’re fitting out or refurbishing your clinic.


A well laid-out veterinary clinic is one that your clients will feel comfortable returning to. That’s because a good layout not only makes their life easier – it also demonstrates a reassuring level of care and thoughtfulness on your part. Who wouldn’t prefer to have a careful and thoughtful vet caring for their pet?

Vet clinic layout

When determining the layout for your vet clinic, consider the different functions your staff carry out each day. What paths do you take? What paths do your clients make? Combined, this information will help you create an efficient and functional layout for your clinic.  The Vet Specialists of Sydney’s treatment room layout (see above) allows for ease of visibility for all areas of the room.  

If you look after both cats and dogs at your vet clinic, another positive idea for customer experience is to include separate entrances for cats and dogs. This will make for a less stressful visit for your clients and for their furred friends. And less stress is good for everyone.


Communication forms a central part of your customers’ experience both at your veterinary clinic, and away from it. And it can be simple.  Greet your customer and their pet by name as this shows that you care. Feeling cared for is an important aspect of customer experience.

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At Elite Fitout Solutions, we’re passionate about helping vet clinic owners fitout or refurbish their clinics to deliver a great customer experience.

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