Environmentally-friendly Solutions For Your Vet Practice

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Environmentally-friendly Vet Practice

Recently, the vet industry has experienced a surge in environmentally-friendly market trends in practice environments. Designing, building or refurbishing a vet practice with the environment in mind is a guaranteed method of ensuring your business’ ability to provide for current and future demands.

The Pet Wellness practice has an environmentally-friendly focus

The fitout of your vet practice can integrate environmentally-friendly solutions by incorporating features such as:

– Optimal air quality;
– Energy efficient lighting and equipment;
– Resourceful management of daylight; and
– The use of durable, sustainable materials.

Ceiling fans and thoughtfully configured window placement can replace air-conditioning on milder days. Including insulation in framing can warm your building in winter without chewing through ducted heating.    

Environmentally-friendly vet practice Natural Vets

If you’re considering breathing new life into your vet clinic’s design, it’s worth imagining these features as part of the furniture. Solutions like these are easily achieved in any environment, whether it’s a new build, a refurbishment or simply an update. They are sustainable, inexpensive and, ultimately, an investment in your business’s future. In doing so, you can recover the cost of delivery over time through significantly reduced energy bills. And beyond that, you continue to save.  

Acknowledging a responsibility to the earth in your practice speaks volumes to your clients about the kind of business you run. It also reinforces your commitment to their pets’ welfare in a visual way. 

To discuss your next veterinary practice build or refurbishment, contact Elite today.

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