Incorporating a Dedicated OPG Room in Your Dental Practice

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Incorporating a Dedicated OPG Room in Your Dental Practice

It’s well established that orthopantomogram (OPG) X-ray images can provide useful information and assist in identifying appropriate dental treatments for your patients. So it’s hardly surprising that many dental practices are beginning to incorporate dedicated OPG rooms in their designs.

Dental OPG design

If you’re considering a new dental practice fitout or you want to refurbish your existing practice, here are a few points to consider when it comes to incorporating a dedicated OPG room into your dental practice design.


We all know radiation can be harmful stuff. So it’s no surprise that “shielding” is a requirement for any OPG room. Shielding involves installing protective screens, walls, floors, doors and ceilings that prevent harmful exposure to radiation for people outside your OPG room – and those operating the OPG. If you’re fitting out a new practice and you have plans for adding a dedicated OPG room in the future, it can be a good idea to take care of these shielding requirements now for an existing room. This will minimise any hassles down the track and can be a great way to future-proof your design.

Dental OPG room fitout

Staff Training

Operating an OPG is a specialised skill. In many cases, incorporating a dedicated OPG room into your dental practice won’t just mean an investment in your premises – it may also mean investing in staff training. Dentists and dental assistants can all become certified to use and operate OPGs. The decision regarding who will receive relevant education and qualifications will probably depend upon your practice size and staff.


The laws governing OPG safety and compliance are set by the states, so there are some variations across Australia. As such, it pays to work with established and experienced dental fitout and construction specialists who can assist with meeting the relevant safety standards.  

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