Injecting Colour Into Your Dental Clinic Environment

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Injecting Colour Into Your Dental Clinic Environment

Adding colour to the design of your dental clinic is a great way to inject personality into the practice environment. 

Injecting Colour Into Your Dental Clinic Environment

Here’s a few points and ideas to consider when incorporating colour in your dental clinic design.

The Psychology of Colour

Colour has a strong effect on people. Psychologists have shown that different colours elicit different emotional responses and behaviours from most people.  For example, light shades of green and blue are often calming, while bright red can be overwhelming for some. Yellow and orange can add cheeriness when used in moderation, but too much can be similarly overwhelming.

Considering the psychology of colour can help you determine which colours may make the most “sense” for your dental clinic.

Your Branding

When selecting the right colours for your dental fitout or refurbishment, another thing to consider is your branding.  What colours feature in your logo and website?

Choosing to use your branding colours is a great way to cement a branded look throughout your practice. It also offers a sense of continuity and can create a holistic look and feel.  That said, you don’t have to use your brand colours as the main colours in your design.  Brand colours often work well as part of a broader colour palette in your dental clinic environment, with a more neutral hue being the main colour used.

Where Can Your Colour Go?

Once you’ve chosen your colours, you still need to decide where they’re going to go.  Ultimately, you have many different options.  You can feature colour in your dental clinic with feature walls, flooring, furniture, décor or artwork, or a combination of the above.

Today’s Dentistry

For example, at Today’s Dentistry, different shades of green add pops of colour throughout the practice, featuring on chairs, floor coverings and wall finishes.

Today's Dentistry dental clinic colourful reception area
Today's Dentistry fitout

Kallangur Dental

At Kallangur Dental, chairs, beautiful murals, and even doors were used to inject friendly and calming coastal colours across the practice. 

Coastal colours feature in the Kallangur Dental Clinic
Kallangur Dental practice fitout

Precision Dental

At the inner-city Precision Dental clinic, Elite used a vibrant orange colour as a feature wall colour and in furnishings to inject colour and personality into the practice reception and waiting area.

A bright orange colour features throughout the Precision Dental clinic
Precision dental practice fitout

As you can see from just this small selection of examples, there are plenty of places to incorporate colour into your dental clinic. And if you need help or advice in choosing where to start, Elite’s in-house design team has got you covered. 

Contact Elite Today

At Elite Fitout Solutions, we have extensive experience working on dental fitouts and refurbishments.

To discuss your next dental fitout or refurbishment, contact us today.

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