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Starting your own practice involves the consideration of a number of details, not the least of which is finding the right property in the perfect location.  There is a broad range of criteria to consider when assessing a property. This can include size and accessibility, zoning, other practices in the area, and the demography of the surrounding community.

Finding the right location for your practice

Your Potential Client Base

Before you start thinking about the physical space of a potential property, it’s important to research the surrounding community, including demography and socioeconomic activity.

  • What is the average age?
  • How much is the average income?
  • The percentage of people in employment?
  • What are the overarching community attitudes?

You should also investigate other health services in the area that might be direct competition to your proposed practice. Or conversely, be complementary. 

By conducting due diligence of your potential client base in the early stages of your location search, you can be more confident that you will have enough clients to maintain and grow the practice. You can also use this research to plan and design your practice to be aligned with the local community.

The Physical Space

There are many questions to ask when assessing the physical environment of a potential site.

Fitout line drawing and render
  • Is there enough space to fit in the number of rooms, spaces and features you require?
  • Will the equipment needed fit in the space?
  • Are there any accessibility issues? 
  • Is there enough onsite parking?

You may find many of these questions difficult to answer on your own.  Elite can work alongside you on your property search. We can share our knowledge and experience about how to make a space work to meet your practice wants and needs.


If you are looking to open your new practice quickly, a site where a medical, dental or vet practice is permissible under the relevant planning scheme would significantly speed up the fitout process. Of course, sometimes the location, size and shape of a property are just perfect, but the current zoning does not permit use for healthcare services.  This is where Elite’s experience in preparing and submitting development approval applications can make this sometimes daunting task easier and more likely to achieve the desired outcome.

Contact us

At Elite we know how important the right site is for the success of your practice.  By engaging experts at an early stage of your location search, you can greatly reduce the stress and time involved. You will also avoid the risk of committing to a lease or purchase of a property that simply doesn’t work.

If you don’t know where to start, or are having trouble finding the right property, Elite can help.  Our property search team will work with you to identify your requirements and budget, find the right property matches, and scope them out for you before presenting you our refined short-list for your final decision.  We take the time-consuming search into our expert hands, leaving you to get on with your business.

Check out our gallery for more inspiration or contact us to discuss your plans for starting your new practice.

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