Making White “Work” In Your Dental Practice Design

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White dental practice

White is a classic choice of colour for any dental practice.  When done right, an all-white or mostly white interior can look crisp, clean, classy, modern, and professional.  

When done wrong, however, it can look stark, impersonal, and sterile (the negative kind of sterile – not the positive kind).  Below are some tips for ensuring that white “works” when you next refurbish or fitout your dental practice.

Dental practice with a white colour scheme

Explore All the Hues

Not all whites are created equal – and this is a good thing. There are many different shades of white, so it’s worth exploring all the hues and colour swatches before you select the right ones for your dental practice. Choosing a complementary palette of varied white tones for your wall finishes, flooring, and furnishing will ensure you avoid a stark and sterile look, instead creating a classy and welcoming vibe.

Consider Texture

You don’t want your dental practice to look bland, impersonal, and white-washed, so in addition to using different hues of white, you should also consider adding points of interest by varying the texture of your white surfaces and furniture.

Bright white dental practice

For example, a brick wall, a tiled floor, or a “grainier” fabric on your seating can all add interest and variety to your clinic’s all white features.

Add Warmth

Another way to make white work in your dental practice is to occasionally opt for a non-white feature or two. This doesn’t have to mean a splash of bright colour. Though it can – and that often looks fantastic, especially if it’s a branding colour. You can also introduce “natural” features such as plants or a wooden floor or table, or neutral features such as charcoal, brown or black light fittings.

Coastal-style dental clinic

Your white interior will showcase these features, maximising the classy, modern feel in your practice.

See White Done Right

As is the case for any question around design and finishes, it’s always a great idea to seek out examples of dental practices done right. In this case, white practices done right. At Elite Fitout Solutions, we’ve assisted a number of clients with getting white just right for their practices. You can see examples of this below:

Learn More

If you’re thinking about refurbishing your current premises, or opening up a new practice, Elite Fitout Solutions can help.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas, plans, and goals for your dental clinic.

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