Medical Practice Showcase: Maximising Function & Flow

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Medical practice with maximum function and flow

Maximising the function and flow of your medical practice is one of the most effective ways to positively impact your business and patients.  If you get both function and flow right you will see the results each and every day through increased productivity, patient satisfaction, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Medical practice with effortless function and flow

When it comes to maximising the function of your medical practice, consider how each space will be used, and where equipment and furniture needs to be placed.  The next step is to understand the journeys your staff and patients will take between each of these spaces, and then map their connection to each other.  This will help to complement the flow throughout your entire practice, allowing people to move almost intuitively from one space to the next during their visit.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how three medical practices used different designs to maximise their function and flow.

Albert Road General Practice

Located at the bottom of a high-rise residential tower in inner-city South Melbourne, it was important that the Albert Road General Practice maximised their function and flow to meet the needs of their busy patients.

Inner-city medical practice with streamlined function and flow

The 181sqm medical practice is designed around a long, central hallway. The five consult rooms, treatment rooms, pathology room, office and amenities all accessible directly off the hallway.  The modern and industrial clinic design makes the most of the unique warehouse-style space.  The structural columns, curved walls and high, exposed concrete ceilings are highlighted by being painted in bright, white, and complemented by turquoise accents and track lighting.

Albert Road General Practice reception

HealthGuard Wellness

To meet the needs of their growing business, the owners of HealthGuard Wellness selected a spacious colonial home – previously used as an art gallery – as the new premises for their practice. 

Healthguard Wellness practice

The building was chosen because of a myriad of impressive features – open spaces and lots of natural light. The design of the clinic needed to take into account the open-plan nature of the new building. This required creativity to maximise function and flow in the sprawling space.

The owner wanted to ensure these the home-like features were accentuated, while still meeting the needs of the practice.  A unique area of the clinic is the outdoor living area that the building wraps around.  To maximise the function of this space, this space has been set up to have multiple uses. It can be used as an outdoor waiting area, as well as being available for workshops or seminars. 

Open-plan medical practice with maximised function and flow

Medical on Miami

The vision for Medical on Miami was to provide local and accessible treatment in a new and modern facility.  The practice is the flagship tenant for the medical facility. The other tenants in the building provide X-ray, pharmaceutical and pathology services to the community.

Medical practice with efficient and effective function and flow

With eleven consult rooms and three waiting areas over a large, 750sqm space, maximising the function and flow of the busy medical practice was a high priority.  The reception area is unique as it is has two separate counters for checking patients in and out. This ensures efficient patient flow during busy times.  The large, open-plan waiting room required clever planning. The space was divided into three separate areas, providing a warm and welcoming environment for patients. 

Medical on Miami clinic

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