Multi-use Medical Consult Room Design

Multi-use medical consult rooms

Your medical practice’s physical size doesn’t have to restrict the services you provide to patients.  Instead, with multi-use consult rooms, you can use your medical clinic’s space more efficiently and cost-effectively and even provide more patient-centred care.

Multi-use medical consult room

Whether you run an existing medical practice and you’re trying to decide whether you need to move premises in order to grow, or you’re opening a new practice and you want to ensure it can grow with you in the future, this is where multi-use consult rooms may be the answer.

How They Work

Multi-use consult rooms are designed to be shared between different health professionals. Your room’s specific design will depend on who is using the room and what they’re using it for. However it must be designed to meet the needs of all its users.  With multi-use consult rooms, you can ensure your medical practice’s rooms are in constant use, rather than being left vacant from time to time.

Your rooms may be shared by visiting medical professionals who aren’t onsite all the time. This could include psychiatrists and psychologists, paediatricians, rheumatologists and other specialist doctors. Visiting allied health professionals including dieticians, naturopaths and occupational therapists, or visiting child health nurses and midwives, may also share your rooms. Multi-use consult rooms also work well for sharing between different part-time doctors who are at your practice on different days.

Better Patient-centred Care?

Convenience and cross-disciplinary care are both central to delivering patient-centred care at your practice.  Multi-use consult rooms can make it easier to provide both.

By introducing multi-use rooms, you can offer a greater number of medical services at your practice. This is more convenient for your patients and improves your ability to deliver care coordination. As your multi-disciplinary teams are co-located, they can more easily consult with one another to offer more holistic treatment. They can also assess and treat acute illnesses in a timely manner. This is a key aspect of patient-centred care and improves health outcomes for patients.

Learn More

If you’d like to see multi-use consult rooms “in action”, check out the medical practice fitouts in our gallery.

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