In recent years, many Australian dental practice owners have been defying the “traditional” dental surgery design trend. Taking their cue from the world of luxe day spa retreats, these dentists are reinventing what a visit to the dentist looks and feels like. And the results speak for themselves.

If you’re considering your next dental practice fitout or refurbishment, this is an idea worth exploring.


Many day spas are designed to offer a relaxing, calm, soothing environment. Your dental practice can be refurbished to create a similar environment, with comfortable furniture, a luxe waiting room setting, carefully-chosen colours and finishes, and extra comforts such as complimentary refreshments and soothing music.


Day spas play up a sense of luxury – and you can do the same thing with your dental practice’s design. Think lounge area-like waiting rooms with appropriate furniture and other high-end finishes.

Then add on five-star service and all the little luxuries you’d expect at a spa. All these can be leveraged to create a luxe feel in your practice.


Many successful day spas feature the latest technology in their treatments and experiences. This is easily imitated in your dental practice. In fact, incorporating advanced dental equipment is a straightforward and practical way to carry your practice’s spa-style feeling from your waiting room through to your treatment areas and beyond.

Take a Look…

Elite Fitout Solutions has worked on several luxe-style dental practices.

Check out these three examples below:

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