Optimising Your Clinic Space

Optimising your clinic space

For many healthcare practices, space is often at a premium.  There are many ways to maximise your space to work effectively and efficiently for you – and your patients.

Optimising your clinic space

Multi-purpose Rooms

Dual-use rooms can be suitable for multiple functions, ensuring you make the most of your space.  

Many medical clinics incorporate their sterilisation areas into their treatment rooms, utilising otherwise empty bench space. 

Another option employed by some practices is to co-locate the staff refreshment area within an office space that is not in constant use. Consult rooms can be configured so they can be shared between different health professionals.

With multi-use consult rooms, you can ensure your practice’s rooms are in constant use, rather than being left vacant from time to time.

Multi-purpose consult rooms

Your rooms may be shared by visiting specialists or allied health professionals who aren’t onsite all the time. These rooms can also work well for sharing between different part-time staff who are at your practice on different days.

Although they would need to be wiped down regularly if being used by others to maintain infection control within the clinic.

Expansion of Services

Growlife Medical is one clinic who has taken the opportunity to maximise their space.  After designing and fitting out their Sherwood clinic in 2017.

Growlife Medical clinic

Growlife recently engaged Elite to convert existing workshop space at the clinic into three new consult rooms.  By significantly expanding their premises, the clinic can provide additional services to their local community.   

During clinic hours, Growlife have the space for a psychologist and other allied health professionals to be available for their patients.   During clinic hours and beyond, they have additional space to offer telehealth services. This allows patients to still have an appointment with their doctor when they don’t require a face-to-face consultation.

Utilising Your Space Out of Business Hours

Most medical, vet and dental clinics typically work during business hours (9-5 or similar) with some practices also opening with more limited hours on weekends.

This leaves a significant time when your clinic space is not in-use. 

There are two options you may wish to consider:

  1. Providing an additional service after hours; or
  2. Hiring out some of your space to another business after you have closed for the day.

After-hours Event Space

In designing and fitting out Racecourse Road Dental, Elite helped to realise the owner’s vision of a practice where clients feel like guests, rather than patients.

Racecourse Road Dental has extended on this vision, welcoming other businesses and community groups to hire the clinic’s large reception space after business hours for events, networking and training.

Racecourse Road dental clinic

What makes this possible is Racecourse Road Dental’s unique front-of-house design. The practice’s spacious reception area is partitioned with an operable wall. Configured in this way, the environment appears to be a foyer rather than a clinic.

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There are many ways you can leverage the space available to you to make your practice even more profitable and successful – and it all starts in the design process of your fitout or refurbishment.

Contact the Elite team today to find out how we can help you with the design and fitout of your clinic.

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