Practical Steps To Building Your Dream Practice

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Your vision

Our goal is to understand your vision by using proven processes and industry expertise to deliver your dream practice.   

Your vision

Where Do You Start?

The initial stage focuses on your vision and goals for your practice. We also identify potential challenges, and determining if you have any town planning requirements.  The starting point for discussion is to understand the driver behind your project.  Whether you’re expanding an existing practice, moving location, or creating a new business from the ground up, we can provide expert analysis of your objectives and help you begin to plan your new practice environment.

New or existing, making sure your space is going to work for you is essential at this early stage of the project.  By discussing your proposed site in detail, the Elite team collaborate with you to identify any potential challenges or issues in the early consultation phase of the project. Workarounds and proposed solutions can then be incorporated into the scope of works once the planning phase commences.

Understanding Your Needs

Knowing the number of consult or treatment rooms, the anticipated number of patients you’ll be catering for on a daily basis, and requirements for surgery, steri or lab areas will assist us in understanding your needs and determining the scope of works for your practice. 

Your specialist taskforce is with you from the planning stage through to completion. This team will handle all aspects of project management to ensure your build is completed on time and on budget.   They are there to work with you to navigate you through our 4 step process.

Day-to-Day Practicalities

We need to understand the day-to-day practicalities of how you envisage your new practice will work, encompassing both technical and operational functionality.  We conduct a thorough analysis of your unique needs and assess how these requirements will work with your chosen site. 

The Elite team develop a design layout, cost plan and preliminary works timeline. They also provide a detailed summary of all works for the project.   By providing a clear and concise overview during this planning phase, we can minimise any surprises or expensive alterations.

Fitout render

Seeing Your Vision Taking Shape

You can now see your vision taking shape. The layout and design concept are finalised, and plans and drawings are drafted.  These plans now become the basis for construction and are also utilised to obtain building approval. 

Something that becomes clear is that designing your new practice isn’t just about the look and feel or your layout.  The overall design aesthetic and delivering on your vision for your practice environment, disability access standards, workplace health and safety requirements all need to be considered.

Obtaining a building approval isn’t typically a complex process but it may be time consuming.  We work with you to prepare and submit the required documentation as well as talking through any compliance issues that may arise.

Starting Construction

The finalised budget and works program incorporates your specific requirements and chosen design aesthetic for your new practice. Once you sign off on this program we schedule a construction start date. 

During construction, your dedicated project manager and full time site supervisor will guide your project through to completion. The duration of the construction and fitout phase depends on the size and complexity of the project.  

The Elite team work to the building program developed during the planning stage to deliver your new practice. If you’re refurbishing your existing practice environment, we carefully plan and stage your fitout. This allows your practice to continue to operate throughout the build.   

Handing Over the Keys

When it comes to handing over the keys, we know that you – and your clients and staff – will enjoy the dream practice environment you have created for many years to come.   Contact the Elite team today to discuss your practice plans.

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