Paul Belt Specialist fitout


Award-winning 4-step Process

Our industry experience is combined with extensive consultative and planning processes to ensure your vision is translated on schedule and on budget, every time, through innovative design, precise planning and cost clarity.

We work closely with you to understand the day-to-day practicalities of how you work so we can turn your vision into reality.


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At your first encounter with Elite we will chat about marrying your vision in your desired location with functional design.

We talk through the following with you:

Understanding your goals & vision, site inspection, potential
challenges, forming a dedicated project team and assessing
your town planning requirements.



The planning process can be confusing.   We sit down with you to assist you in understanding your needs to determine a scope of works for your project.

Areas that we discuss include:

Conducting a needs analysis, site inspection, assessing proposal feasibility, defining scope of works and developing a design layout, cost plan and preliminary timeline.



Our experienced design team collaborate with you to create the structure to translate your vision into reality.

We provide a complete solution for building, fitouts, exterior amenities and interior design.   This will also include:

Floor plans, design elevations, services layout, interior finishes,
construction drawings and of course finalising costs and a
program plan for your project.


The construct stage is where you will be liaising with our Project Managers to build your dream practice environment.

They are there to provide:

Customised construction solutions, quality, time and budget control and clear and consistent communication for a stress-free experience.

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