Gentle Dental


Forest Glen, QLD


Design & Fitout


Elite Fitout

The Elite team proudly worked alongside Gentle Dental for the design and construction of their brand-new, family-oriented dental practice in Forest Glen. Gentle Dental operate family focused dental practices on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and for their new clinic they wanted an environment that exuded warmth and compassion. They also requested that we seamlessly integrate design elements from their other practices to ensure a consistent brand identity among locations.

In designing the Forest Glen clinic’s interior, we introduced warm timber tones throughout the flooring, joinery, and ceiling battens. Beyond their visual appeal, these battens, located above the reception, were chosen for their acoustic properties to effectively minimise noise transfer thereby fostering a tranquil ambiance for more anxious patients. Dark feature paint on adjacent reception walls served a dual purpose, defining the space while introducing an intriguing element of contrast, striking a harmonious balance within the space.

In considering the operational flow of the clinic, every element was thoughtfully optimised to support the efficient workflow of the clinic staff. We integrated necessary equipment and devised a precisely organised layout ensuring the seamless delivery of exceptional care. Hygiene and cleanliness held paramount importance, guiding our selection of surfaces and materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain, guaranteeing optimal levels of infection control within the surgeries.

The Gentle Dental Forest Glen project represents an exquisite fusion of functionality and aesthetics. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating a soothing, patient-centric environment that not only embodies the highest standards of care but also epitomises the principles of design excellence.

Gentle Dental
  • Location : Forest Glen, QLD
  • Type : Design & Fitout
  • Size :
  • Designer : Elite Fitout

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