Refurbish Or Relocate? What To Do When Your Practice Expands

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Refurbish or relocate your practice

It’s the sort of problem you want to have.  As your business expands and you treat more patients, you may find that your medical, veterinary or dental practice environment no longer meets your needs.

Refurbish or relocate - Racecourse Road Vet refurbished their existing premises
Racecourse Road Vet refurbished their existing premises over 3 stages, providing a new layout and fresh look for their expanding business.

If your practice feels like it is too small or the layout isn’t conducive to efficiently handling your patient volumes, you’ll need to consider whether you should refurbish or relocate.

Refurbish Pros

One of the main benefits of refurbishing your practice is continuity. Patients are more likely to stay with you if you stay in the same location.  You can also take advantage of the local growth you’ve been enjoying. By staying put, you won’t have to go through the time-consuming process of finding new premises that are the right fit for your practice.

Refurbish Cons

As your entire practice (or parts of it) will be closed during the refurbishment, you’re likely to lose some income and inconvenience some of your patients. And if your practice is too small and you can only reuse the existing space, a refurbishment may not solve your growing pains.

Refurbish or relocate - Darling Downs Radiology relocated next door to their existing premises to gain more room
Darling Downs Radiology (part of the South Coast Radiology Group) relocated next door when they needed to expand their premises.

Relocate Pros

If you’ve relocated, your new practice can be tailor-made to meet your needs – both current and future. If you move to a new area, you will also have the opportunity to grow your practice in the new locale. Relocation also means you’re less likely to lose income as you continue to run your existing practice while the fitout at your new location is underway.

Relocate Cons

Relocating may mean you will lose some of your patients. But there is also the opportunity to gain more clients in your new location. Finding new premises can also be a long and involved process. You will need to be aware of Council “red tape” to deal with as you build or fitout your new premises.  A fitout expert can help with some of these challenges.

Refurbish or relocate - Healthguard Wellness relocated from a home-based setting to a converted art gallery premises
Healthguard Wellness relocated from a home-based setting to a beautiful colonial home that was previously used as an art gallery.

Choose What’s Right For You

As there are advantages and disadvantages to refurbishing and relocating, it’s important to choose the option that’s best for you and prepare for any inconveniences.

At Elite Fitout Solutions, we have years of experience assisting clients with both refurbishments and relocations.  Our commitment to ensuring business continuity helps to mitigate the potential loss of income that may accompany refurbishments.  Our property search service take the stress, hassle and time out of finding an ideal property for your relocation.

Call us today on 1300 765 344 to discuss the design and fitout of your new or existing practice. 

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