Should you refurbish or relocate?  When your business grows faster than expected you need to find out what options you have available to you to find a good solution. 

Whatever the reason, you will inevitably face the question of whether you should look at refurbishing your existing practice or if you should relocate to larger premises.


This can be a good option if you love the location of your clinic and your patients but feel that the healthcare clinic could work more efficiently to cater to a larger clientele.   You may also have less ‘council red tape’ to contend with.

This is also a good option if your clinic hasn’t been refurbished for a long time.

Refurbishment Options

  • Close down the practice while some of the fit out work takes place.
  • Working while construction is going on.

If you are a small clinic and are planning to take a vacation for a little while, work with a fit out company who can work on some parts of the fit out while you are away.   It will require that the work be done ‘after hours’ or out of normal business hours. 

Good planning can help with getting the main areas up and running, while the rest is being completed. 

If your clinic is large enough to close down some sections of the clinic while construction is going on, then you should be able to run the business without inconveniencing your clients too much.  It will take a lot of coordination but it’s doable.


Moving to a new area could be the best decision you ever made.    You could lease a larger, more modern facility that meets your needs.  

Your fit out expert can work with you to resolve all of the issues from your previous practice or you just want a new clinic that is different.  However, it will probably be a more expensive option and you will have a few challenges. 

Relocations can mean the loss of existing clients as some patients won’t want to travel to your new location. Finding a new location can also be a long process. And there could be lots of Council “red tape” to deal with, as you build or refit your new premises.

Case Study: Healthguard Wellness

Having outgrown their previous premises, Healthguard Wellness sought and found the perfect location for their chiropractic practice in Toowoomba.   The facility is an open-plan, contemporary clinic with large consult and waiting rooms to cater for a larger clientele.

The Elite team were able to deliver the project in time for our scheduled start date for the new premises. We have really enjoyed the beautiful setting that has been created and get very positive comments and feedback from all who enter the clinic. Definitely has the ‘wow’ factor!- Dr Steve Osborne.

The Best Option

There are advantages and disadvantages to refurbishing and relocating, so choose the option that’s best for you.  Make sure you plan well for either option. 

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At Elite Fitout, we have years of experience assisting clients with both refurbishments and relocations.

To learn more about how we can help you design and fit out your healthcare practice, call us today on 1300 765 344.   If you are looking for inspiration view our gallery.

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