Smart Storage for Your Vet Practice

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Smart Storage for Your Vet Practice

Storage is an essential element in any vet practice. However, it needs to be well thought out, and designed with efficiency and function in mind.

Here’s a few storage ideas to think about for your vet practice.

Smart storage for your vet practice

Smart Shelving

All too often, shelves don’t extend as high as they could, wasting valuable storage opportunities. By using floor to ceiling shelving, you can save plenty of space while also providing places to store your vet items.

And, you can fit a lot of items in a narrow storage room when you run shelves along both walls and across the back. 

Shelving storage options for your vet practice fitout

Cabinetry Options

Everyday items can be stored in central, easy-access areas.  Cabinets are a great option for “point-of-use” storage, which offers a flexible and accessible way to store items that you need regularly.

Cabinet storage for your vet clinic

Choose solid doors if you’re storing items that can get a bit messy. But make sure you add labels to ensure quick access to your items.  If visibility is important, cabinets with glass doors will let you quickly locate your items.  And if you need to continually retrieve items from your cabinet every 30 seconds or so, then an open cabinet setup – with no doors – might be your best option.

Divided Drawers

You can keep all your smaller everyday items organised using adjustable drawer dividers. Divided drawer space allows the items to perfectly fit in.

Divided drawers provide great storage for your vet practice fitout

If you have multiple consult rooms, it’s well worth having your drawers set up the same way in each room. This means you can easily locate and select the items that you require without any needless searching.

Bulk Storage

It’s best to designate a single storage room for bulk storage, rather than have items stored across multiple rooms across your vet practice. While a bulk storage room requires a dedicated space, it can be located in a less-accessible area.  By having all your larger and surplus items in one location, you’ll not only maximise your use of space, but you’ll be able to monitor your stock levels.

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