Spring Gully Animal Hospital: From Medical Centre to Vet Practice

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Spring Gully Animal Hospital

Having secured a former medical centre for their new premises, the owners of Spring Gully Animal Hospital approached Elite Fitout Solutions to assist with their fitout.  

Elite worked with the owners to carefully adapt the previous medical centre design to suit the building’s new role as a veterinary practice. Rooms were transformed as appropriate to incorporate all the necessary spaces the practice needed, including consult rooms, treatment areas and a laundry.

Exterior of Spring Gully Animal Hospital

A key element in Spring Gully Animal Hospital’s new design was the colour palette.  The owners wanted a white palette with branded décor. Elite’s designers worked with them to feature their logo’s shades of blue and green in the paintwork throughout the reception area. Elements of grey complement the predominantly white walls throughout the practice.

Spring Gully Animal Hospital reception

Because the reception space was small, the décor and design were streamlined. This gave an uncluttered, minimalist feel to the practice. Artwork blends seamlessly with the room’s look, creating a welcoming and comfortable space. The shelving and joinery in the consult rooms adds honey elm timber-look elements, helping to soften the otherwise clinical look. Grey splashbacks feature in the treatment areas.

Spring Gully Animal Hospital consult room

The end result was a fresh, modern and professional looking veterinary practice. And the owners couldn’t be happier.  Dr Margot Walton and Dr Philip Perring from Spring Gully Animal Hospital had the following to share about the fitout:

“We are really happy and proud of the clinic. Business is going great – better than we could have hoped!”

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