Refurbishing your existing practice doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to close your business during the project.  With careful planning and staging of your fitout, most practices continue to function throughout a refurbishment with minimal disruptions to day-to-day operations.

Ballina Racecourse Road Vet Practice Reception Refurbishment

Communication is Key

Before your project kicks off, your fitout team liaises with you to help you understand how it could impact your practice operations.  By understanding how – and when – you can allocate different rooms to be temporarily unavailable, you’ll also be able to plan ahead and implement any necessary workarounds.

It’s important that you ask lots of questions and explain any concerns early on. This will ensure that any potential problems can be solved before the project gets underway.

Staging the Project

Staging ensures that your practice continues to function throughout a refurbishment.  By completing various aspects of the fitout in carefully isolated stages, you’ll be able to treat patients during building works.

Elite Fitout completed the extension and refurbishment of Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital as a staged project.

Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital

Racecourse Road Vet Practice Staged Refurbishment

Converted from an old house to a vet practice over 16 years ago, Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital was in desperate need of more space and a long overdue refurbishment.  The owners wanted to add an extra consult room, have separate dog and cat wards, as well as reconfigure the practice layout to meet their current needs.

Elite completed the project in three stages. Construction times were scheduled in consultation with the practice to minimise impact on staff and their patients.

The first stage included the demolition and fitout of the steri/surgery areas, prep, recovery, laundry and imaging spaces of the practice.

Stage 2 involved the fitout of the separate cat and dog wards, new consult/physiotherapy room, PWD/shower and administration areas.

The third stage was the last part of the project. It involved the refurbishment of the reception/waiting areas, and the two consult rooms.

Racecourse Road Vet Clinic Consult Room refurbishment

Rachelle Beardsworth, co-owner and practice manager of the practice said:

“From design to completion we were blown away by the level of organisation.  We did not close a single day during the construction process. We transitioned smoothly through all three stages.  It was amazing to watch!”

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