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Vet practice storage

Clutter can have a bigger impact than you may think. The productivity of your staff, your business operations and your clients’ perception of your practice can all be affected. A vet practice fitout with plenty of storage not only promotes a well-ordered and professional image for your clinic, but also helps your practice to run more efficiently.

Vet practice reception storage solutions

Here’s a few storage tips to help to make your vet practice more efficient.

Declutter Your Reception and Waiting Room

Reception and waiting areas have a tendency to get quite cluttered.  When you combine pamphlets, pet food products, accessories and general paperwork, things can get messy. To give a great first impression to your clients, consider keeping these areas as clutter-free as practical to avoid detracting from the décor and furnishings.

Vet practice reception fitout storage solutions

Focus on Smart Storage

Smart storage solutions are essential elements in any vet practice fitout. However, it needs to be well thought-out, and designed with efficiency and function in mind. Try to maximise the vertical spaces you have but be careful not to create OH&S issues with storage above a safe working height.

Point of Use Storage

Everyday items can be stored in central, easy-access areas.  Cabinets are a great option for “point-of-use” storage, which offers a flexible and accessible way to store items that you need regularly.

Vet practice treatment area fitout storage solutions

Choose solid doors if you’re storing items that can get a bit messy. But make sure you add labels to ensure quick access to your items. If visibility is important, cabinets with glass doors will let you quickly locate your items.  And if you have something you go to all the time, open shelves might be your best option.

Point of use storage cupboards

Divided Drawers

Divided drawers can keep all your smaller everyday items organised. You can maximise the space available by using adjustable drawer dividers.

Vet consult room fitout storage

If you have multiple consult rooms, it’s well worth having your drawers set up the same way in each room. This means you can easily locate and select the items that you require without needless searching.

Consult & Treatment Room Storage

Overhead shelving or cabinetry in consult/treatment areas can utilise vertical space to hold equipment and medical supplies needed to provide a timely and efficient service to patients.  The shelving can be narrow 200mm units if floor space is at a premium.

Treatment room storage

Provide Space For Your Staff

Your staff break room should be adequately sized to provide space for your staff to eat, as well as store their personal items. This helps to keep personal items out of other areas (such as the reception area and consult rooms). Instead of open shelving, opt for closed cabinetry or lockers to keep things tidy. 

Staff break room storage

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