Three Top Tips to Add Personality to Your Healthcare Practice Design

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Practice design with added personality

To take your healthcare practice design to the next level, you need to add a little personality.  It’s also a certain way to make your business stand out amongst your competitors, and for your patients to make a connection with your practice.

Healthcare practice with a natural, beachy personality

Here’s three tips to help add some character and individuality to your medical, dental or vet clinic, and leave a memorable impression on your patients.

1. Pick a Practice Personality

Your very first step before choosing colours, textures and materials is to decide on the personality for your practice.

A good place to start is to think about your own personality, as this will give authenticity to your chosen theme. Are you a homebody? Quirky? Creative?

You will then need to consider how this aligns with your potential patient base and decide if you should add just a “touch” of personality – or go “all in”.

Healthcare practice with added personality through artwork and colour

Once you decide on your personality, the next step is to focus on a unified way of applying it to your practice design. This is often best left to a professional designer to ensure you don’t end up with a mishmash of styles.

2. Splash Some Colour

Colour is always a great way to add a spark to your vet practice design, dental clinic or medical centre fitout.

While most practices will have a more neutral hue as the main wall finish, pops of colour that are associated with your chosen practice personality are a great addition.

Bright red can be overwhelming for some, however it’s the perfect colour if you want to showcase a bold personality for your practice.  It is typically recommended to just use splashes of red as an attention-grabbing accent rather than using it liberally throughout your practice.

Muted greens and blues are a great way to reflect healthy, natural, and calming themes, and appeal to a broad range of people.

Medical practice with a splash of colour

Darker tones including black and dark browns suggest a feeling of luxury and balance and are a great option for a practice wanting to reflect a premium, up-market personality.

3. Play With Textures and Materials

Although most of a practice’s flooring, surgery and steri areas need to be more suitable for infection control areas and easy cleaning, you can introduce engaging texture elsewhere.

Materials such as natural or engineered stone for reception tops, wooden features and concrete finishes can add a modern, industrial or homey atmosphere depending on their combination.

Healthcare practice with personality added through texture and materials

Upholstery is also a great way to add texture and colour. In a more neutral space, woolen-textured fabric on chairs can break up the monotony.  Quirky or colourful artwork can also help to add some personality into your practice environment.

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Elite’s in-house design/architectural team can help you to design your healthcare practice fitout or refurbishment to suit your personality. Contact the team today or take a look at some of our recent fitouts for some inspiration.

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