Translating Inspiration Into Design Reality For Asquith Vet Practice

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Asquith Vet practice design

The design for the new Asquith Vet practice was inspired by a swatch of fabric.  The owner wanted the veterinary practice to have the same colours, look and feel as a blue- and teal-toned swatch. He also wanted to incorporate timber and other complementary features to create a warm, homely feel.

Asquith Vet practice design and fitout - reception area

Elite’s design team translated the owner’s inspiration into a design reality by selecting a careful combination of finishes, colours, flooring and panels. Tailored designs such as this rely on getting both the big details and the little details right. Care and attention was applied to everything from selecting the colour and pattern for the feature panels, to choosing the lamp shades and under cupboard finishes. And everything in between.

The same colours are used throughout the practice. Elite ensured that the tones and finishes were appropriate for each individual space. The inviting and relaxing light tones in the reception and waiting areas shift in intensity to more functional shades for heavy duty treatment areas and the back of house. This helped to ensure that work surfaces and areas would be robust and easy to maintain. Like the reception and waiting areas, the consultation rooms are lighter-coloured to help patients feel more relaxed comfortable.

Asquith Vet practice design and fitout - waiting area

Similarly, lighting was varied throughout the practice depending on the function of each room and space. Stylish and practical lights and lamp shades feature in “client-facing” rooms. For treatment and other “functional” rooms, this lighting was swapped for more suitable, brighter lighting.

The finished design captures the Asquith Vet practice owner’s vision. The vintage yet earthy fitout features a harmonious blend of warm timbers, textured finishes and a teal and grey colour palette.

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