Vet Practice Design For Better Offsite Treatment

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Vet practice design for offsite treatment

If the treatment of animals offsite is a key part of your vet practice, it’s important to reflect this in the design, layout and setup on location at your physical practice.

vet practice design for offsite treatment

The following vet practice design suggestions apply particularly to practices that treat larger animals such as horse and cattle offsite.

However, these suggestions can also be adapted on a smaller scale for vet practices where one of your main focuses is the offsite treatment of smaller animals.

Accessible Supplies Room

If you’re treating sick cattle on a property, you can’t turn up empty-handed. Depending on the property and animal you’re attending, you may need a range of supplies and equipment. Especially if you’re spending a day offsite treating different animals or travelling to different locations.

If this describes your situation, we suggest you include a readily accessible supplies room in your practice design. That way, you can quickly and efficiently stock your vehicle for the day. So no more time than necessary is lost in preparing for your field visits.

Adequate Preparation Space

In addition to supplies, you may need to bring a range of instruments with you into the field. These items must obviously be prepared for safe and hygienic use beforehand – and cleaned afterwards.

A large work bench and large stainless steel sinks can assist with preparing and prepacking the necessary instruments for site visits and washing them when you return. For practices treating horses and cattle, the keyword is “large”. You’ll need larger benches and sinks to deal with the larger instruments required to treat these animals.

Vet practice design offsite treatment for large animals

Get Your Design & Fitout Just Right

At Elite Fitout Solutions, we take the time to understand your functional needs so we can help you design a fit-for-purpose veterinary practice.

Our experience adapting practices to better facilitate the offsite treatment of large and small animals means we can help you design and fitout the vet practice you need.

To learn more, contact Elite today.

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