Vet Practice Design Spotlight – Treatment Room Layouts

Vet practice treatment room design

In any vet practice – large or small – the treatment room is a busy place that needs to cater for everything from diagnostic tests and dental work to a wide range of minor treatment procedures.

Vet practice treatment room design

The design and configuration of the treatment room and its proximity to the surgery, sterilisation and radiology areas are based on the amount of space available in the vet practice premises. 

The basic elements in all treatment rooms – although they differ from clinic to clinic – are treatment tables, specialised lighting, medical instrument storage and easy access to the pharmaceutical area for medications.  Sometimes you will also see an anaesthetic machine as dental procedures are commonly undertaken in the treatment room. 

In this blog, we explore three entirely different vet practice treatment room design configurations.

Vet practice treatment rooms -  different layout designs

Veterinary Specialists of Sydney (VSOS)

When VSOS expanded their mobile surgical service from their garage to a 1,100sqm purpose-built vet specialist hospital, they wanted their treatment room to be open-flowing with good visibility to all areas of the room. Being a large facility, the aim of this open-plan layout was to be able to see all their patients from every aspect of the room.

Vet practice open-plan treatment room design

The treatment area has a wide view of the glassed isolation area and dog run. Glass cages can be placed in front of the circular desk. This allows critical and recovering patients to be monitored and treated as quickly as possible. The double-solid door of the isolation room allows easy access when staff need to change into PPE, treat a critical patient, disinfect and come back out to the treatment area.

VSOS cages area

In the treatment and some surgical areas, IV tracks for IV fluids are suspended from the ceiling.  This is a unique feature that assists nurses and doctors at VSOS to perform surgical procedures with less clutter.  This system also features in the cages area. This means the patient doesn’t have an excessive amount of equipment in the cage with them.

Park Ridge Vet Hospital

Park Ridge Vet Hospital has a different configuration of their treatment area space. The 497sqm space is open plan, which was the client’s preference. This area allows for easy access to the treatment, surgery and steri areas.

Island benches were used in the design to maintain wall space for lab and nurse stations. They also provide extra storage around the walls.  The wall space houses recovery cages so that staff could have visibility from the main working area. The four mobile work benches are situated close to the theatre. This allows animals to be prepped before going into the operating theatre.

Park Ridge vet practice treatment room design

The tall shelves are towers built to house services up from the bench to the ceiling – such as electrical cables, scavenger piping and reticulated oxygen supply.  There are also ceiling mounted rotation examination lights and dental x-ray to ensure an efficient service in each area.  The lights can then be utilised for procedures on the wet tables as well as for mobile/height adjustable treatment table next the wet table.  Shelves on the tower allow for the storage of items needed to be close-to-hand for the work benches.   

Reedy Creek Vet

Not all vet clinics have an abundance of space. Therefore, treatment areas should be designed to work with the space available.  Reedy Creek Vet is a unique industrial building set over two levels in 240sqm of space.  The upper level houses the offices and the staff room. The ground floor is dedicated to clinical and client space, with three consult rooms, treatment area, operating theatre, steri and separate dental area.

Reedy Creek Vet practice treatment room design

The vet clinic’s layout was dictated by the position of columns and other structural elements.  With a treatment area of a similar size to most medium-sized vet practices, the space accommodates all of the important features required such as cages, wards, treatment tables, radiology and sterilisation.

The island work benches make use of service towers. This is where essential services such as power, water and oxygen are housed. It also incorporates shelving and space for a clock and overhead lighting mounted on the tower.  The central bench has a sink as does the dental/wet table, located in a different area of the vet clinic.

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