When it comes to planning your new veterinary clinic, it’s important that your design meets both your needs, and your clients’ needs – for now and well into the future. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most popular trends shaping the design of new or refurbished vet practices.

Making a Good First Impression

Waiting areas have seen a big change in recent times. The hard, plastic chairs and a receptionist sectioned off behind a high counter in the corner is becoming less common.  Recent trends are seeing more emphasis on waiting room design to ensure a visit to the vet starts in a positive way. 

Waiting areas are now being designed to act more like a lobby. Think comfortable seating, refreshment stations (for pets too!), and often a retail section for some idle browsing while waiting.

Separate Animal Entrances

To reduce animal stress, some veterinary practices provide separate entrances.   At this veterinary clinic the entrance for cats is on the left-hand side and the dog entrance is on the right, see below.


More Glass

Adding more glass can help to bring more light into the practice or be used as a design feature. Regardless of the reason, an increasingly popular trend is more glass being used in veterinary clinics – particularly in foyers and treatment rooms.

When used in treatment areas, the use of internal windows allows for better monitoring of sick patients and the ability to easily view every area of that room.

This light and airy vet practice follows the latest design trends

This design innovation also helps improve client satisfaction and trust by allowing clients to see the treatment being provided to their pets. Many clients appreciate the opportunity to see the care and high-quality work being carried out by the practice team.

Acoustic Panels

The reception and waiting area in a vet practice can be quite noisy at times. Noise levels can vary depending on the size of the area and the number of clients at any one time.   Therefore, acoustic panels in the walls between the waiting/reception areas and ward areas are a good solution to cut down on noise and distraction.

Doing More With Less

While not necessarily a new trend, maximising the use of space will always be key. Who doesn’t like getting more bang for their buck? 

Gold Coast veterinary clinic fitout

Even though you may have the room and budget to build a bigger practice, furnishing, maintaining and paying for more utilities in this larger space may put more pressure on your business in the long term.  Smaller spaces can often be better – if they are designed well. 

This is particularly true with consulting rooms.  They don’t need to be particularly big, and you want everything to be within easy reach.

Injecting Personality

While décor featuring stark white walls and plenty of stainless steel looks nice and clean, it can also lack personality. 

Vet practice owners are increasingly looking to appeal to the personal taste of the potential clients in the area and are designing their practices to suit.  The options are endless and will greatly vary depending on your location and surrounding demographic. 

NSW vet hospital fitout

Another way of adding personality without committing to a certain style is by adding pops of bright colour. Seating and accessories are a great way to add colour. And these items can easily be changed if you want to update your look.

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