Why Build Your Dental Clinic From Scratch?

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Dental clinic build

It’s not hard to see the attraction of setting up your dental clinic in a facility that you own.  

Esk Dental Clinic build


After all there are no landlords, you are paying off a loan instead of paying rent and you have an investment that could take you through to retirement.   

It’s a big investment, however, we feel it is well worth exploring.  


There may be some council approval challenges to overcome when building from scratch.  This can include the requirement to provide a minimum number of car parks in relation to consult rooms. Or if the area is heritage listed you will need to consider the design of your practice and how it will fit in with the heritage streetscape.

Case Study

Recently Elite worked with Esk Dental to build their own dental clinic. This was the second fitout we had completed with Dr Shree Kamaradder. However, this one was different because we were not fitting out an existing space. We were building a brand-new dental facility.

Elite worked closely with Dr Kamaradder to construct, design and fitout the new dental facility that allowed him to have his own clinic as well as a commercial space that could be rented out.

Esk Dental clinic build in progress

The 240sqm space features 140sqm of space fitted out for the dental practice and 100sqm that is for office/commercial space.   The project did include some challenges and the Elite team worked hard to ensure new facility met all council and building regulations.

Esk Dental owner/dentist Dr Kamaradder was very pleased with his brand new premises, commenting “it fills my heart every day!”

Are you looking to build your own dental clinic?  Contact Elite to discuss your needs today.

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