Why Build Your Healthcare Practice From Scratch?

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Healthcare practice new build

Choosing to build your healthcare practice is a long-term option well worth considering.

Healthcare practice new build

While owning your own premises means there are no landlords to pay rent to, it is a big investment to make.  We explore the key considerations when building your healthcare clinic from scratch.


Building your practice from scratch can deliver many long-term benefits.

Fully Customisable Design

By choosing to build your healthcare practice – rather than fitting out an existing building – means you can have your practice designed exactly the way you want it.  From the shape of your building to the height of your ceilings, the sky is the limit (so long as it meets building regulations!).  Your building can be designed around your number of rooms and overall layout, rather than having to compromise based on limitations of an existing structure.


A new build allows you to prepare for the future, and have room to accommodate future growth.  Rooms can be designed for multiple purposes, or to be divided into two spaces in the future.  You could also build additional tenancies that you could lease out to other – or complementary – businesses, with the option of incorporating this space into your own practice as you grow. 

An Investment For Your Future

Paying off your own loan instead of paying rent allows you to have an investment that could take you thorough to retirement.  You have the certainty that your landlord won’t significantly increase the rent, or terminate the lease, and the added expenses this would bring.

Potential Challenges

There are a few key challenges to be aware of when considering constructing your clinic premises.


A key consideration is whether applicable town planning scheme will allow you to provide healthcare services at your proposed property. Applying for a change in zoning is possible, but can often lead to lengthy delays.

Car Parking

You will need to ensure you have enough space to provide the minimum number of car parks required as per your local council regulations.


Building from scratch will take a considerable amount of time.  The town planning and design process can be a prolonged process. Therefore it’s important that you engage a build and fitout company who has considerable experience with construction projects.

Case Studies

Torenbeek Vet Clinic

Elite recently completed work on a new-build project at Torenbeek Vet Clinic in Rockhampton.   The facility is double the size of the previous clinic, and only a few hundred metres away.  The new space means that the clinic can provide a better service to its client base.

Torenbeek Vet practice new build

“We are thrilled with the job done by Elite Fitout Solutions on our new vet clinic. The design and building process was expertly handled by their team from start to finish and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to undertake a build and fitout project.​” – Dr Eloise Skilling.

Esk Dental Centre

Elite’s second project working with Dr Shree Kamaradder was building a brand-new dental facility in Esk.  As well as delivering the 140sqm dental practice, the Elite team constructed an additional 100sqm facility for Dr Kamaradder to lease out as office or commercial space.

Esk Dental practice new build

Dr Kamaradder was very pleased with his new premises, commenting “it fills my heart every day!”.

Learn More

Are you looking to build your own healthcare practice from scratch?  Talk to the Elite team today to discuss your plans.

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