Why Consultation Is Key To Our Award-Winning Process

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Consultation process

After years of experience fitting out medical, dental and veterinary practices at Elite Fitout Solutions, we’ve learned a thing or two about what’s required for a successful, seamless fitout.  This experience led us to develop our award-winning design process, a 4-step approach we take all our clients through. The steps are: consult, plan, design and construct.

Consultation process

While every step is integral to our award-winning design process, the first step – consultation – is key to our track-record of seamless, on-time, on-budget fitouts.

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Why Consultation

At the start of any consultation, we take the time to understand your goals and vision. By getting on the same metaphorical page, we can ensure that the practice you get is the practice you want. Asquith Vet is one example of how our consult stage ensures our practice owners’ visions are brought to life.

Identifying any potential challenges that may affect your project is another vital element of the consultation process. Your location and space, budget, timeline and vision can all present potential challenges to your fitout. Understanding these challenges allows us to establish realistic timeframes and budgets – and actually achieve them. With this approach, the Grow Medical fitout was completed within the required six week timeframe.

Consultation process - understanding your goals and vision

The consultation stage is also when we assemble a dedicated project team to meet your project’s needs. This team are another vital element for ensuring your project is delivered seamlessly, on-time and on-budget. For example, a dedicated team was key to facilitating the delivery of the Tropical Vets fitout, with a good working relationship developed with the external base builder throughout construction.

Finally, we wrap up the consultation step by taking the time to assess your town planning requirements. This is the final factor that can impact your project delivery and budget, and one which we have spent years navigating. Our experience with this process means we can take care of your town planning to minimise confusion and mistakes.

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Learn More

Want to learn more about how we can use our award-winning four-step design process to assist you with your next medical, dental or veterinary fitout? Then we’d love to hear from you.

Contact the Elite team today on 1300 765 344 to discuss your project and vision.  You can also watch our video to learn more about award-winning 4 step process.   

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