Why Specialist Expertise Matters When It Comes To Your Healthcare Fitout


Does specialist expertise matter when it comes to designing and building your healthcare fitout? Of course it doesThe fitout of your healthcare practice is likely to be one of the biggest financial investments you will make for your business.

Who you trust to deliver your fitout can mean the difference between the practice of your dreams and one that falls well short of your expectations. You need to be confident that you’re working with experts who know their industry – and yours – inside out. And that’s why you can count on Elite Fitout Solutions.

We only work in the healthcare sector and have done so for many, many years. It’s this specialist expertise that has cemented the company as an industry leader, having delivered countless fitouts for dentists, doctors, vets, and radiologists across Australia.

Choosing a specialist healthcare fitout company such as Elite Fitout Solutions can save you time, money, and endless problems – in the short and long term. We can also offer advice on areas you may not have considered, help to maximise the function and flow of your practice, and ensure that your clinic will meet any industry-specific regulatory requirements.

In this blog we take you through a few examples of where Elite’s specialist expertise has come into play when completing dental, medical, veterinary and radiology fitout projects.

Dental Clinic Staged Project

Healthcare fitout staged project

Six years after completing their original fitout, Pure Dentistry engaged Elite Fitout Solutions to extend their dental clinic to cater for a growing client base.

To allow the practice to continue operating during construction, Elite used a staged approach for the project. A carefully scheduled timeline was developed, with works commencing in the empty adjacent tenancy the clinic was extended into. A temporary reception area and entrance were also established in this new space, which minimised any impact on the clinic’s operations when areas within the original clinic were refurbished.

“Elite are familiar with the construction sequence, which is very important. I wouldn’t have changed the process at all.”

Ian Mason – Owner, Pure Dentistry

Medical Practice with a Wow Factor

Healthcare fitout reception

Being relatively new to the Sunshine Coast, orthopaedic specialist Dr Daevyd Rodda wanted to ensure the fitout of his specialist suite offered a “wow” factor, while still being timeless in its design.

A key element of this wow factor was having as much natural light as possible throughout the specialist suite – which is not typical in a hospital setting. While this was a challenging requirement in the reception area due to the layout of the tenancy, the Elite team was able to “borrow” light from other parts of the practice using frameless glass panels. This, combined with additional concealed lighting, delivered a welcoming ambience for entire practice.

Veterinary Clinic Conversion

Healthcare Fitout Conversion

First-time practice owner and vet Remona Horn enlisted Elite Fitout to construct her PetKind veterinary clinic in the inner-Brisbane suburb of Paddington.

The site chosen by Remona – a former homewares store with a window-lined shopfront – perfectly matched her concept of a vet practice that looks more like a high-end boutique. However, being a former retail space, the space was not ideal for a vet clinic due to the small size of the tenancy and minimal plumbing installed. However, with some design ingenuity and drainage redirection, Elite was able to successfully deliver the boutique-style veterinary wellness practice that Remona envisaged.

Radiology Clinic with a Tight Timeline

Healthcare fitout with a Tight Timeline

Having secured a lease in a shopping complex in Brisbane’s west, radiology provider ClinRad had a tight timeframe for the fitout of their new clinic. The trading commencement date had been set, and arrangements were already in place for the installation of the imaging equipment.

Even with supply issues and Covid lockdowns impacting the project, the Elite team’s careful planning and industry experience meant that the fitout was completely one week early, allowing ClinRad to open ahead of schedule.

“Elite Fitout Solutions have proven to be an outstanding team to work with. I cannot imagine a better process.”

Joshua Sultman, General Manager – ClinRad

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Are you considering a fitout or refurbishment?

With over three decades of experience fitting out dental, medical, veterinary and radiology practices, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a successful healthcare fitout.

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