Your First Meeting With Your Fitout Specialist

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Starting a new practice or renovating your existing one can be exciting!   In your first meeting with a fitout specialist, you will discuss a number of important items to start the process of planning a medical, dental or veterinary practice that meets all your needs.

First meeting with fitout sepcialist will help deliver a practice that meets all of your needs.

Your Space

Your chosen site will influence many of the decisions relating to your practice’s design. So it’s important to collaborate with your fitout specialist to select a site or potential site.  They can help you find a site as well as assist with any zoning issues.   During the meeting, you will work with your specialist on your practice “wish list”. This is a list of your key requirements and any equipment that needs to fit, plus your desired rooms, spaces and features. 

Your fitout specialist will work with you to prioritise from the non-negotiable down to the “it would be nice to have”. For existing practices, it’s a good idea to think about all the things that don’t work in your current practice plus all the things you’re looking to change or add.

They can also help you put together a rough floor plan that accommodates everything in the list above during the meeting, taking into account any workflows that need to be considered.

Your Budget & Timeline

After your practice’s physical space, the main constraint you will face during your fitout is your budget and timeline.  Your fitout specialist will help you to realistically determine your budget. You may want to provide a “ballpark” figure for wages for staff who aren’t working during the fitout. If staff wages break your budget, let your specialist know that your practice must continue functioning throughout the fitout so they can account for this in their timeline.

Your fitout timeline may be constrained by outside forces. This may include the end of a lease or the maximum period of time you can pay staff who aren’t working. Highlight these needs to your fitout specialist during this first meeting so they can incorporate them into their planning.

Your Vision

Your vision for your practice isn’t just about what goes where – it’s also about your practice’s “look” and “feel”. By sharing this information and working closely with your fitout specialist, they can create the practice you’ve dreamed of. 

Common methods used to translate your vision into a potential look and feel for your practice include the creation of lists of related words and feelings, “mind maps”, discussing examples of other practices or looking through swatches of fabric. 

Your fitout specialist can also help you navigate this aspect of the design. Or you could use the fitout company’s designated themes to communicate your vision. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for your fitout designer to turn your vision into reality.

Pet Wellness practice fitout

Your Future

Do you want your practice design to accommodate future growth? Are you wanting to easily “subdivide” practice rooms in the future? Will you want to physically extend the practice one day?  

Talk to your fitout specialist so you can work together to answer these questions regarding your practice design. Taking the time to consider them now and discussing these elements will save you loads of time – and potential headaches – in the future.

Get Started

 Do you have questions about the process we’ve outlined? Or do you need additional support to start planning your practice?  Either way, Elite Fitout Solutions can help.

Contact us via the website or by telephone on 1300 765 344 to discuss your vision for your practice fitout. 

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