Your New Practice: Scoping Your Project

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Scope of Works

With the requirements gathering, assessment and analysis work completed, the next step is to scope your project. This also includes the development of a design layout, cost plan and preliminary works timeline. 

Project scope of works

In defining your scope of works, Elite provides a detailed summary of all works that will be included in the project.  By providing a clear and concise overview of your project build during this planning phase, we can work with you to make any necessary changes at this pre-works stage, averting any surprises or expensive alterations required during construction.

A conceptual design layout is the next step. This layout draws on information from the site assessment and the specific needs of your new practice.  This design concept presents a visualisation of the proposed layout for your practice, including the sizing and location of all treatment or consulting rooms, staff amenities, storage spaces, reception and waiting areas.

Finally, a cost plan and preliminary timeline will be provided for all works relating to your practice build.   Our cost plan for your project is not simply based on the square metreage or number of rooms.  We carefully cost your build based on your specific needs and the outcomes of the site assessment. This ensures that all components of your practice environment are considered, and no hidden costs materialise later in the project.

Overcoming Size And Time Constraints

Growlife Medical’s Dr Aaron Chambers had a clear vision in mind when the time came to discuss his new medical practice with Elite.  He wanted his general practice to have a stylish air that feels more like a café – a place you come to feel better.

Grow Medical practice fitout - reception

The chosen site was a relatively small area for the size of the practice. The layout plans for the practice had to overcome the size constraints to meet both the functional and aesthetic goals.  Time was also of the essence for Grow Medical. New employees were to start the same week as handover, and the practice due to open soon after.  Even with delays in the signing of the lease pushing back the fitout start date, the works timeline was met.

“The team at Elite were excellent at translating my ideas into reality” Dr Aaron Chambers, Grow Medical

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