Robina Specialist Suites


Robina, QLD


Design & Fitout


Elite Fitout

Elite were engaged to design and then construct new specialist suites in this expanding part of Southeast Queensland. The client wanted a tranquil sanctuary that complements the exceptional standard of care offered by the specialists.

Challenges and Objectives

Our main challenge revolved around creating a spacious environment by maximising the use of perimeter glazing, allowing each consultant room to bask in ample natural light. Thoughtful planning played a crucial role in accommodating the diverse requirements of medical professionals without compromising on room size. The administrative hub demanded careful consideration to effectively support specialists and ensure a seamless patient service experience. Furthermore, we tackled the absence of scenery and natural light in the central waiting area by integrating ambient lighting and incorporating biophilic design elements, aiming to install a sense of calm and a connection to nature throughout the space.

Implemented Solutions

  1. Thoughtful Space Planning: Through meticulous planning, we ensured the creation of spacious rooms that maximised natural light. The layout was designed for easy navigation, fostering an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.
  2. Central Administrative Hub: Designing the administrative area as the operational core enhanced efficiency by streamlining functions for various specialists. This centralised hub became a pivotal element in optimising workflow.
  3. Embracing Biophilic Design: Incorporating biophilic design principles, we introduced elements such as greenery, organic patterns, and textures. This not only added aesthetic appeal but also created a soothing environment, promoting healing and overall well-being.
  4. Colour Palette: Carefully selecting tones and a restrained palette that embraced contrast played a crucial role in establishing a harmonious atmosphere. The chosen palette complemented the medical setting and aligned with the overall branding.
  5. Functional Joinery: Custom-designed joinery not only enhanced the overall aesthetic but also addressed the practical needs of medical professionals. This thoughtful approach contributed to a unified interior design that seamlessly blended form and function.

The Robina Specialist Suites project showcases how thoughtful space planning, embracing biophilic design elements, and careful colour selection can transform a space into more than just a medical facility – it becomes a tranquil oasis.

“Since the first meeting with Elite it has been clear that they are experienced and professional medical fitout specialists. Through each stage of our project they were upfront and transparent. In the end they delivered on time and to budget. We are very pleased with the overall result of our fitout and glad we went with Elite, a lot of the elements they incorporated due to their experience that we would have overlooked has greatly enhanced our business operationally. We will not hesitate to use Elite for any future projects.” Thomas Watt, Owner

  • Location : Robina, QLD
  • Type : Design & Fitout
  • Size :
  • Designer : Elite Fitout

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