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Sunshine Coast, QLD


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Elite Fitout

Medical Waiting Area

Dr. Frank Connon, a distinguished specialist, acquired his own consulting suite at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital. Seeking to elevate the patient experience, he collaborated with Elite Fitout to integrate a refined coastal luxe ambiance into his newly acquired space. The primary goal was to seamlessly blend a coastal luxe aesthetic with patient-centric design elements, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity, approachability, and sophistication.

Patient-Centric Practice Environment

Neutral Colour Palette and Textures

The design embraced a neutral colour palette intricately woven with textures, fostering an atmosphere of tranquillity and approachability. This set the foundation for a patient-centric practice.

Curved Bench Seating in the Waiting Area

The waiting area was transformed with curved bench seating, tailored for patients with hip and knee injuries. Plush upholstery and strategically placed planters invited patients to relax, fostering a welcoming environment.

Concealed LED Lighting

Concealed LED lighting was strategically integrated to enhance the overall ambiance, creating a soft, inviting glow that permeates throughout the space.

Consult Rooms and Treatment Room

The suite comprised two consult rooms and a treatment room for minor procedures and post-op appointments. Each room featured custom-made examination beds for optimal patient comfort.

Handcrafted Weathered Oak Timber Chairs

Patient comfort was prioritised with handcrafted weathered oak timber chairs featuring removable slipcovers. This choice not only exuded casual-luxe styling but also emphasised comfort and practicality.

Well-Lit Consultation Areas

Consultation areas were meticulously designed to maintain a well-lit yet soothing ambiance, fostering an environment conducive to open communication and patient reassurance.

Coastal Luxe Theme Integration

Hand-blown organic pebble-shaped glass wall lights introduced artisanal elegance, casting a gentle glow and serving as distinctive art pieces, aligning perfectly with the coastal luxe theme.

The reception desk, crafted from warm grey stone with bronze veining, stood as a beacon of elegance, welcoming patients with sophistication and setting the tone for the coastal luxe atmosphere.

Timber doors, reminiscent of driftwood’s weathered charm, contributed to a sense of openness and spatial depth. Sleek gunmetal accents added a contemporary edge to the overall design.

Each consult room conveyed professionalism with dark timber-grained surfaces and grey stone porcelain tops integrated into the joinery, creating a cohesive and elegant look.

Illuminated display niches in the consultation rooms elegantly showcased achievements against textured backdrops, adding an artistic dimension to the professional setting.

The combination of concrete wall-hung basins and herringbone timber floors seamlessly blended industrial elements with classic charm, creating a familiar yet contemporary space for patients seeking care.

The collaboration between Dr. Connon and Elite Fitout resulted in a successful transformation of the consulting suite into a coastal luxe haven. The meticulous integration of patient-centric elements and coastal luxe aesthetics, creating a sophisticated, welcoming, and professional environment at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital.

Entry to Consult Room
Medical Consult Room
Medical Consult Table
  • Location : Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Type : Design & Fitout
  • Size :
  • Designer : Elite Fitout

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