Medical Centre Design Considerations

medical centre design

When considering the design of a new medical centre or refitting an existing one, there are many factors that need to be taken into account.  Alongside the overall design aesthetic and delivering on your vision for your practice environment, standards set by the RACGP, council development regulations and workplace health and safety (WH&S) requirements all should be considered.

Medical centre design

Where to Start

Your first step when considering building or renovating your medical practice is to articulate your vision.  Understanding who your typical patient will be, what type of patient experience you’re wanting to provide, and the extent of services you will be offering will provide a key foundation for the design process.  The size and location of your practice site can also influence your vision.

The Elite team can provide unique insight in this early consult stage and beyond.  They do this by identifying any potential issues and challenges, providing strategic advice and input to ensure the vision for your practice can become reality.  We translate your vision into a scope of works, and develop an initial cost plan and timeline. The next step in the process is design.

Balancing Necessity and Style

Be aware of the regulations or consult with Elite Fitout as it can affect your medical centre design.  The RACGP provides guidelines for the physical environment in medical practice facilities around Australia; your local council have property development planning rules, laws and regulation; and there are overarching WH&S requirements that will apply to your practice environment.

While these standards and regulations need to be addressed in your practice design, this does not mean that the design aesthetic for your practice is limited.  With considered design and creativity, combined with Elite’s experience from past projects, practicalities can be addressed . All while still achieving a stylish medical centre environment that reflects your overall vision.

Meeting Specialised Needs Through Design

Elite worked with the Gold Coast Medical Precinct to deliver a fully integrated medical practice of three adjoining premises. The medical centre offered a wide range of services including women’s health, child health, an emergency room, mental health services, an X-ray room. The Centre also included an Early Intervention Centre for Autistic Children.  Child safety, space limitations and specialist medical equipment were all key design considerations.  The design also needed to deliver effective access and flow through between the separate premises.

“My vision for a one-of-a-kind multi-functional medical precinct was challenged by limited space.  Without Elite’s design expertise it would have never become a reality”

View our medical projects gallery for more inspiration on marrying your practicality and style.

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