Creating The Illusion of Natural Light In a Windowless Medical Clinic

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We all love natural light and the feeling of openness and brightness it brings. But bringing natural light into your medical clinic through lots of windows is not always an option.

A bright medical clinic reception with the look of natural light

In the past, most medical practices operated out of converted houses.  Nowadays, medical clinics are increasingly located in shopping centres and in hospital specialist buildings.  While such locations are great for passing foot traffic and patient convenience, these types of premises aren’t typically abundant with windows.

But a lack of windows doesn’t mean you can’t have a bright, welcoming practice environment.  Here are a few creative ways to create the illusion of daylight despite a shortage of windows. 

Light-Coloured Walls and Surfaces

Colour plays an important element in your medical clinic – dark colours absorb light, but lighter colours reflect it. By incorporating lighter colours into your medical practice with your choice of paint, carpet, flooring and furniture, you help to maximise the natural light in your premises.  Choosing one colour for the walls and ceilings can also help make a space feel lighter and larger.

Natural light is aplenty in this medical clinic despite a lack of windows in the reception area


Adding one – or more – mirrors to your wall is a great way to simulate the effect of a window.  Mirrors hung in the right places can help to bounce light around the room, adding a sense of depth to your space. 

Use of mirrors in medical clinic to reflect natural light

Borrowed Light

Another way to bring a sense of natural light into a windowless room is to ‘borrow’ some of the daylight from another room.

Elite recently completed a specialist suite fitout at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital. Dr Daevyd Rodda’s vision for his orthopedic surgery practice was to ensure the windowless waiting area was lit by natural light as much as possible. All while still fitting all the functional requirements of the area. ‘Borrowed light’ from the back of house was brought into the room through frameless glass panels and supplemented with concealed lighting. The result: a welcoming ambience and a comfortable level of light.

Borrowed natural light in specialist medical practice

Hidden Lights

Hidden lights that emit soft, diffused light can help to mimic the “look” of natural light. You could also place a lamp or similar behind a piece of furniture. This can mimic the feel of daylight streaming through a window. 

Skylights & Transparent Doors

Skylights can also invite more natural light into your medical clinic. You could also swap your solid front doors for a transparent one to further maximise the light that enters your reception area.

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