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Integrating Biophilic Design for Wellness

Healthcare environments play a crucial role in patient well-being, and the incorporation of biophilic design principles has been proven to enhance the overall experience for both patients and staff. In this case study, we explore the successful integration of biophilic design in Medical on Robina, a project undertaken by Healthcare Management Services (HMS) group.

Design Elements

Natural Light and Greenery

One of the key features of Medical on Robina is its emphasis on natural light and greenery. Large windows and strategically placed skylights flood the entire space with sunlight, while potted plants and living walls bring nature indoors. This design choice creates a calming and visually appealing atmosphere, promoting a therapeutic environment for patients.

Organic Shapes and Materials

The design of Medical on Robina incorporates organic shapes, indoor greenery, and a natural palette of materials. Curved lines, wood finishes, and stone accents contribute to a calm and inviting ambiance, establishing a strong connection to the natural world. This design choice aims to evoke a sense of tranquillity and promote the healing process.

Biophilic Layout

The layout of the medical practice maximizes natural views, integrating nature into every aspect of the design. From hallways and consultation rooms to treatment areas and the Kids OT room, large windows provide views of outdoor green spaces. This intentional connection to nature helps reduce stress and anxiety for patients, contributing to a holistic healing environment.

Sustainable Design

In alignment with environmental consciousness, the facility integrates energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems. This commitment to sustainable design not only benefits the environment but also reflects a responsibility to reduce the healthcare facility’s overall environmental footprint.

Staff Amenities and Lockers

Demonstrating a commitment to staff well-being, Medical on Robina provides spacious dining and comfortable seating areas. The dining area includes a breakfast bar with views of the outdoors, promoting relaxation during breaks. Additionally, a separate staff amenities area ensures privacy and convenience for healthcare professionals, recognizing the importance of their comfort and work-life balance.

Corporate Office Suite

The onsite corporate office suite for HMS reflects the biophilic theme present throughout the entire medical practice. Private offices offer views of greenery, while comfortable meeting zones and collaborative workspaces prioritize a nature-inspired work environment. This integrated approach extends the benefits of biophilic design to the administrative staff, aligning the entire facility with principles that enhance well-being.

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Medical centre room
  • Location : Robina, QLD
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